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Karie Baker

I am a 47 year single mother to two lovely girls and one yellow Labrador. I hold a full time job working in a special needs school (would not change it for the world!). Working and carting two active kids to activities does not leave much time for preparing family meals at the end of the day.

Crock-pots have helped me manage my busy life and allowed me to continue serving healthy homemade options.

I currently own 4 crock-pots.  A 4 qt crock-pot (my oldest), a 5 qt, and also a newer casserole crock-pot. I also have my dad’s original crock-pot (that he never used) that is a lovely shade of green!

Looking for a certain recipe?  Have a question about a current recipe? or just want to pick my brain and get my opinion?

Contact me :    cookingwithcrockpots@gmail.com

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