Ingredient: Eggs

crock-pot cheesecake

Crock-Pot Cheesecake

Crock-Pot Cheesecake I talk a lot about my favorites. This is my number one favorite dessert. I have tried cooking it in the oven with little luck but each time I cook it in the […]

crock-pot banana bread

Crock-Pot Banana Bread

Crock-Pot Banana Bread My mother made this banana bread at least once a month growing up. Sometimes, she added chopped walnuts to it, other times, she added chocolate chips. Either way, it was moist and […]

crock-pot pizza bread

Crock-Pot Pizza Bread

Crock-Pot Pizza Bread I love making this bread. My kids love it and their friends love it. The nice thing is you can add more ingredients based on what you like on your pizza. Like […]