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crock-pot cheesecake

Crock-Pot Cheesecake

Crock-Pot Cheesecake I talk a lot about my favorites. This is my number one favorite dessert. I have tried cooking it in the oven with little luck but each time I cook it in the […]

crock-pot crab dip

Crock-Pot Crab Dip

This homemade version of crab dip is better than any store purchased one. I like to add a little extra crab meat to the recipe. This dip is full of flavor! Serve on crackers or […]

crock-pot cheesy bean dip

Crock-Pot Cheesy Bean Dip

Crock-Pot Cheesy Bean Dip A great cheesy bean dip! Super easy to make and definitely not your average dip! Best served with veggie slices (pepper, carrots or celery) or tortilla chips!. This can also be […]